20 years ago, 2-methyl propan-1-ol, 2-phase lamp, a, a bad egg, a bad risc, a bare ten minutes, a big-wig, a bit, a bit noisy, a bit risky, a bit unusual, a blessed event, a blot on one's escutcheon, a bone of contention, a booking, a born fool, a breath of fresh air, a broad hint, a broken reed, a bull session, a bunch of baloney, a chance to practise, a change in government, a couple of, a crumb of comfort, a crushing defeat, a customary way of doing it, a dangerous situation, a dead shot, a devil of a job, a dog's chance, a drop in the ocean, a far cry, a fat lot of good, a few, a few loose ends, a few sparks of wit, a fine day for ducks, a flight across, a flu virus, a foreign country, a fortnight, a fortune, a furnished flat, a good many, a good view, a grate on the ear, a great deal of, a gross of something, a half, a happy New Year, a headache, a heap of junk, a hundred, a lap of luxury, a little, a load of old codswallop, a long time, a lot, a lot of, a lot of people, a man of great sanctity, a meaning in life, a mere drop in the bucket, a million, a mint of money, a month ago, a month of Sundays, a myriad of, a narrow squeak, a nearby, a nice mess, a pair of trousers, a palo entrero=azumbrado=bebida=bebido=borracho=bo, a penetratingly sharp pain, a person, a piece, a piece of advice, a pint of beer, a point in my favour, a pretty penny, a priori probability, a quarter year, a radical expression, a rainy day, a rather cool day, a recent, a romantic, a roomette, a sabiendas=consabido=consciente, a sheet of paper, a short time ago, a short while ago, a sign, a sign of the times, a similar flat, a sore throat, a stranger, a student like, a thousand, a thousand things, a thousand times, a three-course meal, a todo tirar, a tomic hydrogen welding, a ton, a while, a wide range of, a written application, a.m., A/D converter, aangles, aardvark, aardvarks, aback, aback taken, abandon, abandon a claim, abandon a plan, abandon a policy, abandon a project, abandon an option, abandon the gold standard, abandoned, abandoning, abandonment, abandonment of action, abandonment of domicile, abandonment of option, abandonment of position, abandonment of service, abandonment stage, abandonned, abandons, abase, abased, abasement, abasements, abases, abash, abashed, abashed at, abashedly, abashes, abashing, abashment, abashments, abasing, abatable, abate, abated, abated contribution, abatede, abatement, abatement of action, abatement of tax, abatements, abates, abating, abatis, abattoir, abbacies, abbacy, abbess, abbesses, abbey, abbeys, abbot, abbots, abbotship, abbreviate, abbreviated, abbreviated address, abbreviated address call, abbreviated addressing, abbreviated adressing, abbreviated dial code, abbreviated dialing, abbreviated dialling memory, abbreviated keyboard command, abbreviated version, abbreviated voucher journal, abbreviates, abbreviating, abbreviation, abbreviation document, abbreviations, abbreviator, abbreviators, abbreviatory, abbroachement, abdiacate, abdicable, abdicant, abdicate, abdicated, abdicaterent, abdicates, abdicating, abdication, abdications, abdicator, abdicators, abdomen, abdomens, abdominal, abdominally, abduct, abducted, abducting, abduction, abductions, abductor, abductors, abducts, abeam, abend, aberrance, aberrances, aberrant, aberration, aberrations, abet, abetment, abetments, abets, abetted, abetter, abetters, abetting, abettinge, abettor, abeyance, abeyances, abeyant, abhor, abhorred, abhorrence, abhorrences, abhorrent, abhorrently, abhorring, abhors, abid, abidance, abide, abide by, abide by the law, abided, abider, abides, abiding, abidingly, abigail, abigails, abilities, ability, ability concepts, ability to assert oneself, ability to communicate, ability to extend, ability to information, ability to pay, abject, abjection, abjectly, abjectness, abjuration, abjurations, abjure, abjured, abjures, abjuring, ablactation, ablation, ablations, ablatival, ablative, ablativee, ablatives, ablaze, ablazing, able, able to communication, able to duplex operation, able to learn, able to obtain, able to pay, able to work, able-bodied, ableness, abler, ablest, ablet, abloom, ablution, ablutions, ably, abnegate, abnegated, abnegates, abnegating, abnegation, abnegations, abnegator, abnegators, abnormal, abnormal curve, abnormal discount, abnormal end, abnormal system end, abnormal termination, abnormalities, abnormality, abnormally, abnormel, abnormity, aboard, abochornada=abochornado=avergonzado, avergonzada, abode, abodes, aboil, abolish, abolishable, abolished, abolishes, abolishing, abolishment, abolishment of the, abolishments, abolition, abolitionary, abolitione, abolitionism, abolitionisms, abolitionist, abolitionists, abolitions, abolladura=chichón=hinchazón=roncha=sipote=tolondr, a-bomb, abombar=anestesiar=atarantar=atontar=atronar=aturd, abominable, abominably, abominate, abominated, abominates, abominating, abomination, abomination of, abominations, abonar=costear=pagar=retribuir, abonent, abord, aboriginal, aboriginal cost, aboriginally, aborigine, aborigines, abort, abort code, abort instruction, abort macro, abort statement, abort without change, aborted, abortifacient, aborting, abortion, abortion limit, abortional, abortionist, abortionists, abortions, abortive, abortive development, abortively, abortiveness, aborts, abound, abound in, abounded, abounding, abounding in, abounding in water, abounding water, abounds, about, about a market, about all, about approximately, about each, about face, about faces, about half of the, about lunchtime, about midday, about noon, about that, about the consequences for, about the details, about the draft, about the firm in question, about the future, about the house, about the improvement, about the insurance, about the introduction, about the right for, about the situation of, about these questions, about this, about this regulation, about this time, about turn, about what, about which, about), aboutface, about-face, aboutfaces, about-turn, above, above all, above average, above average growth, above criticism, above ground, above it, above mentioned, above named, above par, above quotation, above reproach, above suspicion, above the line promotion, above the values, above the write offs, above zero, above-average, above-board, aboveground, above-mentioned, abracadabra, abrade, abraded, abraded particle, abrades, abrading, abraison, abrasion, abrasion process, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistant, abrasion test, abrasion-free, abrasions, abrasive, abrasive hardness, abrasive paper, abrasive resistance, abrasive wear, abrasive wheel, abrasive-coated cloth, abrasive-coated paper, abrasively, abrasiveness, abrasivenesses, abrasives, abreact, abreaction, abreast, abreast with, abreviation, abridge, abridged, abridged version, abridgement, abridgements, abridges, abridging, abridgment, abroad, abrogate, abrogated, abrogates, abrogating, abrogation, abrogations, abrupt, abrupt contraction, abrupt enlargement, abrupt junction, abrupt rise, abruption, abruptly, abruptness, abruptnesses, abscess, abscesses, abscissa, abscissae, abscissas, abscission, abscond, abscond with, absconded, absconder, absconders, absconding, absconding debtor, absconds, absence, absence (of), absence due to illness, absence from duty, absence of, absence of authority, absence of consideration, absence of interaction, absence of mind, absence of play, absence of postage, absence of quorum, absence of reaction, absence of smell, absence of time, absence rate, absences, absend-minded, absent, absent minded, absent mindedly, absent mindedness, absent oneself from, absented, absentede, absentee, absentee ballot, absentee voter, absentee voting, absenteeism, absentees, absenteism, absenting, absently, absentminded, absent-minded, absentmindedly, absent-mindedly, absentmindedness, absent-mindedness, absentmindednesses, absents, absinth, absinthe, absolute, absolute acceptance, absolute address, absolute address area, absolute addresse, absolute addressing, absolute adress, absolute advantage, absolute assembler, absolute assignment, absolute branch, absolute branch instruction, absolute code, absolute coding, absolute command, absolute control block, absolute convergence, absolute coordinate, absolute delay, absolute deviation, absolute dimension, absolute economics, absolute element, absolute entry, absolute error, absolute expression, absolute file, absolute file reference, absolute filter fineness, absolute filter rating, absolute frequency, absolute function, absolute gain, absolute gift, absolute guranty, absolute income theory, absolute inflation, absolute instruction, absolute interest, absolute level, absolute limiting value, absolute liquidity ratio, absolute loader, absolute maximum rating, absolute measure, absolute measurements, absolute monopoly, absolute name, absolute number, absolute ownership, absolute permittivity, absolute point, absolute presumption, absolute priority, absolute program, absolute program element, absolute programe, absolute programming, absolute right, absolute selction, absolute shutdown, absolute storage adress, absolute suretyship, absolute symbol, absolute temperature, absolute term, absolute text, absolute threshold, absolute title, absolute track address, absolute unit, absolute value, absolute value device, absolute value sign, absolute vectors, absolute zero, absolutely, absolutely dry, absolutely impossible, absolutely justified, absolutely liable, absolutely necessary, absolutely nothing, absolutely outside of the, absolutely right, absolutely unsaleable, absoluteness, absolute-program loader, absolutes, absolution, absolutions, absolutism, absolutist, absolutists, absolutly, absolvable, absolve, absolved, absolves, absolving, absorb, absorb spending power, absorbabilities, absorbability, absorbable, absorbed, absorbed cost basis, absorbed in thought, absorbed overhead, absorbed voltage, absorbencies, absorbency, absorbent, absorbent cotton, absorbent material, absorbent paper, absorbent papers, absorber, absorber absorber, absorbers, absorbing, absorbing capacity, absorbing clamp, absorbing clamps, absorbing company, absorbing region, absorbing surfaces, absorbingly, absorbs, absorbtion, absorptance, absorption, absorption account, absorption approach, absorption area, absorption band, absorption capacity, absorption circuit, absorption coefficient, absorption costing, absorption current, absorption fading, absorption function, absorption loss, absorption modulation, absorption of funds, absorption of vibration, absorption of water, absorption trap, absorption type refrigator, absorption vessel, absorptions, absorptive, absorptive capacity, absorptivity, absortion point, abstain, abstain from, abstain from voting, abstaine, abstained, abstainer, abstainers, abstaining, abstains, abstemious, abstemiously, abstemiousness, abstention, abstentions, abstentious, abstergent, abstinence, abstinences, abstinent, abstinently, abstract, abstract data type, abstract machine, abstract mathematics, abstract number, abstract of account, abstract of title, abstract symbol, abstract term, abstracted, abstractedly, abstractedness, abstracting, abstraction, abstractions, abstractive, abstractly, abstractness, abstracts, abstruse, abstrusely, abstruseness, absurd, absurdism, absurdities, absurdity, absurdly, absurdlye, absurdness, absurdnesses, abundance, abundance of words, abundances, abundances of words, abundanct, abundant, abundant (in), abundant supply, abundantly, abuse, abuse of market power, abuse of official power, abuse of patent, abuse of process, abuse of right, abused, abuses, abusing, abusive, abusive processing, abusive word, abusively, abusiveness, abusivenesses, abut, abutment, abutments, abuts, abutse, abuttal, abutted, abutter, abutters, abutting, abutting face, abutting owner, abvolt, abysm, abysmal, abysmally, abysms, abyss, abyssal, abysses, abyssinia, Abyssinian, ac adapter, ac power supply, ac supplied, acacia, acacias, acaciase, academia, academic, academic publisher, academic year, academical, academically, academician, academicians, academics, academies, academies of arts, academies of music, academy, academy of art, academy of arts, academy of music, acallar=aquietar=calmar=desenfadar=desenconar=sose, acanthi, acanthus, acanthuses, accaunt, accede, accede to, acceded, accedence, accedes, acceding, acceding countries, accelerant, accelerate, accelerated, accelerated ageing test, accelerated carrier return, accelerated depreciation, accelerated growth, accelerated incentive, accelerated learning program, accelerated maturity, accelerated paper, accelerated premium pay, accelerated test, accelerates, accelerating, acceleration, acceleration clause, acceleration control, acceleration distance, acceleration factor, acceleration limiter, acceleration potential, acceleration principle, acceleration proof, acceleration resistant, acceleration time, acceleration voltage, accelerations, accelerative, accelerator, accelerator pedal, accelerator product, accelerator pump